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JaQuinley Kerr

Sunday Shoot

What a great day to shoot and stay in bed. ;)

Curious Stranger

Great day to shoot a music video. Want more days like that.

Victory Shoot

Another great shoot. Love the power of this one. Reminds me of the Winged Victory. ^_^

Hunger Short

Still from the short film Hunger. Check out the full thrilling video at the link below.

Love Conquers

Coming February 8th of 2020! Come out and see me do two scenes I'm dying to perform with the talent surrounding me. <3

Rachael Hueber shoot

A warm light to get me through the night with this shoot. Loved making this one come to light. ^_^

Get ready to laugh!

John McDonell comedy shorts are happening November 3rd, 2019! Can't wait see you there. ;)

Wonderful poetry reading at BCCC.

Wonderful poetry reading at BCCC.

More than B&W shoot

More than B&W shoot.

"Love You Madly"

Shot from John McDonnell short comedy "Love You Madly" at the James Lorah House in Doylestown, PA.

Denim Shoot

Shot by Lawrence Greenberg.

Funny Shorts!

Come out and see some funny short scenes on March 31st!


Season 3, episode 3, you'll find me in the political gala scene. ^_^

Photographed by Rachael Hueber

Just another day of loving to edit fashion. ^_^

Christmas concert.

Back stage of the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass Christmas show.

A Rose ad shoot.

Shooting for a theatrical poster makes for fun times.

Fiber, Fabric & Fashion Show

New Hope Arts annual fashion show. Many of the designers were going green this year with fabrics made of hemp and bamboo. Couldn't be happier with the fabrics. ^_^

Royal Subject shoot.

Always love fighting to beat the rain. ;)

Before Hollywood: Philadelphia and t

Shooting a Documentary for WHYY about the early era of filmmaking. What an honor for any film actress to be apart of.

Visit Bucks Country PA

Such a fun time on the Visit Bucks Country Pensilvania commercial shoot. The locations were amazing, the people were awesome. How fun can work be? :)

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.27.41_edited

Doing a Christmas concert with The Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass this Sunday, 12/17/17. Come for a wonderful Holiday show to warm up the Christmas season.

Modern Witch Photoshoot

A fun photoshoot I was lucky enough to do with my lucky charm.

Fitness shoot

Fitness shoot with Jason Heffner. Boom!

New Feather's Play Readings

New Plays being read at The Raven in New Hope was such a fun night. Checkout the video link For a sneak Peak!

On set for an Aetna commercial. Wher

Playing an ETA for an Aetna commercial was so fun. There was a whole team of rock climbers watching out for us. Tempted me to learn. They were so nice. Work and fun do go together so well.

New Feather's-Playwright Reading

An evening of New Feathers playwrights on August 8th at the Raven. Come check out what's to come in the creative world!

Book interview

Yesterday's video interview went great! Mandee Kuenzle Hammerstein was beautiful throughout and is so fun to connect with. I can't wait to share the love about the book How The Light Gets In.

Book release

It will be my first book! So excited! Please come out to see me and see the really gorgeous grounds.

New Hope Arts Fashion show

The pieces were so wonderful to showcase. You gotta love when you work with such talent. ^_^

The Goddess

Another wonderfully fun shoot with David Kappler Photography.

Hello Beautiful Men

For all men, everywhere. You 'are' sexy, and you 'should' know it. Love yourself and promote others to do the same from the inside out. :)

Robust Beauty Day

Robust Beauty picture from the modeling campaign. So much fun and such a great, positive company to work with. For more information, go to the link below. Copyright Robust Images, Inc, 2012, 2016. Used by permission.

Philadelphia Fall shoot.

One of many great shots from my shoot with Todd Gardner. It was so nice to have a shoot just at the edge of the weather changing. I remember sensing the weather starting to turn to Fall. So lovely.

Philadelphia Fashion Photo Shoot

Awesome moment in time. They closed Broad Street for a Peace Rally. It felt so surreal. One of the Police in charge of safety said we should take a picture in front of it before they pass. It was amazing to feel all that energy coming up behind me for something so powerful.


A feature film set in 1990s NYC. I played a rave dancer in this really cool underground club. It was so fun being part of this set. The crew and cast were all so nice and easy to work with.

Runway show-Sunday 9/18/16

Check out the website below! If you like fashion, style, art, etc, come and see me walk in all the wonderful designer works and vintage pieces this Sunday! $13 for a ticket. I'm already planning on taking a kimono piece with me. ;) Hope to see you there! JaQuinley

Robust Beauty TV Interview

What an awesome morning with the lovely and talented Dawn Stensland Mendte. Jim Willgruber of Robust Beauty and I had a lot of fun talking about the campaign. Hopefully the message comes across and helps a lot of people. :)

Ryan premiers at The County Theater

Come see the premier of Ryan August 6th at the County Theater in Doyelstown! Check out the link below for the one shot wonder trailer of yours truly. ;)


We got a really great review in the Philadelphia Inquirer during the run of The Christians. It was particularly nice for me because my grandmother used to work there and it felt like she herself signed off on it. She always comes to see my shows and loved it from the audience too. :)

The Christians at The Wilma Theatre

I've had a blast in this run of The Christians at The Wilma Theatre. The show goes on until the 29th of May. One more week! Come out and see the show while you can! The play is truly thought provoking and well acted. The choir is something I'm very proud to be a part of. :)

The Actress filming this weekend.

The Actress is glowing about this weekend! All the prep work is finally coming together. I can't wait to get back together with my cast and crew. It's like coming back from a vacation, like coming home.

Casino Royal Themed Gala

I was invited to a Casino Royal themed gala that landed me in the local Herald! The evening was so much fun. Everyone inquired after my career and promised to come to see me in The Christians at The Wilma Theatre in Philadelphia (running through the month of May.) I can't wait to do the show!

MODELL's commercial

Just finished up the flash mob filming at Modell's on Walnut and 16th in Philadelphia! It was so fun doing this project. The people at the store didn't even know what was going on. Their faces were priceless. Another fun filled day on the job.

What's So Funny

A snap shot taken from a scene I did for a feature filmed called What's So Funny. Plenty to laugh about in this film, also plenty of reasons to cry. Love that kind of script. Can't wait to get back to it!

The Actress

Behind the scenes editing of The Actress. This has become one of my favorite scenes of the film. I am so looking forward to sharing it.


Behind the scenes silliness with my co-star of the movie Hypotheticals, written by Miri Smith. Can't wait till it comes out.

David Kappler Valentine's Day shoot

Just wanted to share one more shot from my shoot with David Kappler. I want to wear red lipstick more often because of this shoot. Here's to becoming more colorful! Always need more of it

Damon Michael Commercial

A shot from the soon to be aired Damon Michaels real estate commercial.  Keep your eyes out for yours truly. ;)


Ready to Tango A special event asked me to dance for them.  Who was I to say no?   Here's some of my lessons to give you a peek.

LA trip

The Tour in Palm Desert allowed me to visit all my favorite LA people. Because of that trip I knew I wanted to work in Hollywood for sure.

Hello, Beautiful

Hello, Beautiful has been getting so much hype that another one is already in the process of being made!   Video #1. Video #2.

The Bucks County Playhouse

I am performing in New Voices at The Bucks County Playhouse on April 30th and May 1st 2015.  Please come and check out all the talent.

Fashion Modeling Here's a sneek peek from my last shoot I did with Theik Smith in Brooklyn.  So much fun!  The man is great to work with. Checkout his work

Shooting with Theik Smith in NYC

Another great shot from the 48 hour shoot. Theik Smith can literally go for days.

Palm Desert Performance

The show in Palm Desert went so well.  The audience responded with such amazing energy.  Can't wait to perform there again.

Behind the scenes of The Message

Behind the scenes of "The Message." This was one of the best learning experiences I ever had. Working with Dan Brown and Dana Maginity was also a huge pleasure, as always. ^_^

Brothers on the Battlefield  Heading

Brothers on the Battlefield  is heading into NYC for the first time in the new year and I get to go perform with the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass at the beautiful and historic Morgan Library.  This year has already brought amazing new things.  I am ecstatic to be filling my life with all of this.

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